Venue Information

Prohibited Items

The following privately owned items are not permitted at the workshop:

  • Dangerous weapons (including Mace or Pepper Spray)
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous instruments or materials likely to produce substantial injury or damage to persons or property
  • Binoculars or telescopes
  • Recording equipment (audio, video, optical or data)
  • Electronic equipment with a data exchange port capable of being connected to automated information system equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Poisonous or corrosive materials
  • Controlled substances including illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia (except prescription drugs in their original containers)
  • Other items prohibited by law


No pictures or movies may be taken during presentations, or while in LLE, except in the LLE viewing galleries.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are permitted at the workshop venue and LLE. They may not be used in any meeting session or during tours, and must be silenced during these times.


Computers may be used during these meetings. A limited number of outlets are available for use during the meeting. We recommend that you arrive daily with fully charged laptops to ensure that you have adequate battery life during the sessions.

Guest Wireless

Guest Wi-Fi service is available at the workshop venue. No password is required.