• The OMEGA and OMEGA EP viewing galleries require attendees to climb ~2 flights of stairs; abbreviated tours may be possible for persons with limited mobility.
  • Non-US citizens must submit a Non-U.S. Citizen Visitor Information Sheet to LLE no later than March 1st, 2018 to tour the MTW-OPAL lab. You may request an application from, and/or send completed applications:
      To: Doug Jacobs-Perkins
      Subject: Non-U.S. citizen DOE clearance form for Laser Safety Workshop

Tours will be offered of LLE's three principal laboratories:

  • OMEGA—60-beam, 30kJ, UV (351 nm) laser, 100 ps to 3 ns pulse duration
  • OMEGA EP (Extended Performance)—4-independent laser beams (2 long pulse and 2 long/short pulse). In long-pulse mode, each beam can deliver up to 5 kJ UV (351 nm); in short-pulse mode, each beam can deliver up to 2.6 kJ IR (1053 nm)
  • Multi-terawatt-Optical Parametric Amplified Laser (MTW-OPAL) Laboratory— this lab serves as a laser technology development test-bed, and has several target chambers for diagnostic development and physics research.