Speaker Information

The workshop technical committee is soliciting and accepting presentation topics suitable for this workshop.
If you have a particular topic you would like discussed, or if you would like to give a presentation, please email the program chair:

Doug Jacobs-Perkins, Scientist & LLE Chief Safety Officer

Abstract, Biography, and Presentation Submission

Submit an abstract, biography, or presentation

Presentation guidelines

(These instructions may be downloaded from the workshop website Downloads tab)
  • All presentations will be given during oral sessions. No poster sessions are scheduled.
  • Contributed presentations are allocated 20 minutes and invited talks are allocated 30 minutes. Allow approximately 1 minute per slide. Each presentation will break for questions during the last 2–3 minutes.
  • Abstracts, biographies and presentation slides must be submitted in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf) format. If your presentation is accepted, these will be included on the Workshop Website.

  • 50-word abstract

    Please limit abstracts to approximately 50 words, summarizing your presentation. Please use 12-point Arial font when submitting abstract files.

    50-word biography

    Include the speaker's biography, limited to approximately 50 words, summarizing the speaker's relevant background for the presentation. Please use 12-point Arial font when submitting biography files.

    Presentation format

    • The projection system is designed for 16×9 presentation format
    • Please include the title of the talk and the primary author's name, affiliation, address, and email address on the first slide of a presentation, along with all additional authors and their affiliations. Include the abstract on the second slide.
    • Presentations will be given in a large room. A sample PowerPoint template is provided on the Downloads tab of the website, with recommended font size and styles in the 16×9 presentation format.