Workshop Updates


Monday May 07
Certified Laser Safety Officer ExaminationLocation: LLE Seminar room (Use LLE East Entrance)
12:15 pmCLSO Exam - LLE Seminar room (Exam starts 1:00pm)Barb O'Kane, Colorado School of Mines (Proctor)
Tuesday May 08
7:45 amRegistration
SESSION 1 - WelcomeDoug Jacobs-Perkins, LLE (Session Chair)
8:30 amEFCOG LSTG? Who we are and what we doJamie King, Laser Safety Task Group Chair, LLNL
8:35 amDOE Headquarters Welcome Steve Singal, DOE Laser Safety Task Group, Headquarters
8:40 amWorkshop Chair - Opening Remarks
Biography   Slides
Douglas Jacobs-Perkins, Ph.D., Laboratory for Laser Energetics
8:45 amLLE Keynote - Introduction to the Laboratory for Laser Energetics at the University of Rochester
Dr. Gilbert (Rip) Collins, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
9:15 amBREAK
SESSION 2 - Laser Safety FundamentalsBarb O'Kane, Colorado School of Mines (Session Chair)
9:35 amResources for the LSO
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Ken Barat, Laser Safety Solutions
9:35 am(Additional) Laser Safety Resources
Ken Barat, Laser Safety Solutions
10:05 amLaser Safety Implementation at the University of Michigan
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Russ Garcia, University of Michigan
10:35 amFollow-Up Benchmark Study of ANSI Z136.1 (2014) Controls Requirements
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Tekla Staley, Idaho National Engineering Laboratory
11:05 amKeeping it Simple, Laser Eyewear Use and ControlPanel Discussion
11:45 amLUNCH
SESSION 3 - Laser Safety Tool BoxJudi Reilly, MIT (Session Chair)
1:00 pmIntroduction to Optics
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Kyle Kafka, Ph.D., Laboratory for Laser Energetics
1:40 pmControl Considerations for Safe Laser Alignment
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Deana Luke, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1:40 pmHands-on Laser Beam Path Alignment Practical
Alex Lindquest, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
1:40 pmCourse Description - Hands-on Laser Beam Path Alignment Practical
Alex Lindquest, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
2:10 pm(Nearly) Painless Laboratory Audits
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Jennifer Goodnight, Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2:40 pmThe Appendix B - Getting Your Calc On
Abstract   Biography   Slides
DeWayne Holcomb, University of Texas at Austin
2:40 pmThe Appendix B "Project"
DeWayne Holcomb, University of Texas at Austin
3:10 pmBREAK
SESSION 4 - Laser EyewearEugene Kowaluk, LLE (Session Chair)
3:30 pmFemtosecond testing on vendor eyewear results
Abstract   Biography
Josh Hadler, National Institute of Standards and Technology
4:00 pmCharacterization of Laser Eyewear Using Varying Pulse Conditions and Wavelengths
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Michael Thomas, Spica Technologies
4:30 pmSummary of Laser Eye Protection (LEP) Degradation Assessments
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Major Edward R. Kelly, USAF Fort Sam Houston
SESSION 5 - PETAWATT LSO WORKING GROUPLocation: LLE Seminar room (Use LLE East Entrance)
Biography   Slides
Kenneth Barat, Laser Safety Solutions
6:00 pmLaser Safety Program at ELI-NP
Radu-Costin Secareanu
6:30 pmLaser Interlock System at ELI-NP
Bertrand de Boisdeffre
8:00 pmEND OF DAY
Wednesday May 09
SESSION 6 - Things to Think AboutJoe Greco, Upstate Medical Physics (Session Chair)
8:30 amLaser Generated Air Contaminants, why should I care?
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Scott Snell, Purex Inc., Technical Sales Manager
9:00 amVirtual Laser Safety Experiment Design ??? Now Is The Time
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Nathaniel J. Leon, Johns Hopkins University
9:30 am2018 DOE Laser Worker Survey Results
Biography   Slides
Matt Quinn, Ph.D., Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
10:00 amBREAK
SESSION 7 - High-Powered/ High Intensity LasersTom Lieb, L*A*I International (Session Chair)
10:20 amWhen is an FMEA/Risk Assessment Required
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Randy Paura, Dynamic Laser Solutions, Inc.
10:50 amRisk Assessment and Control Measures for a High Power OPCPA Laser Facility at SLAC
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Mike Woods, Ph.D., SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
11:20 amLaser Science and Technology at LLE
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Jake Bromage, Ph.D., Laboratory for Laser Energetics
11:50 amLUNCH
SESSION 8 - Tours and Vendor ExhibitionKaren Cera, LLE (Session Chair)
1:05 pmOMEGA Facility - Overview and Laser Safety Operations
Jason Puth, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
1:35 pmGroup Photo
1:45 pmBREAK
2:00 pmTours and Vendor Exhibit
2:00 pmIntro to Optics - Notes to accompany optical breadboard demo
Kyle Kafka, Tyler Critelli, Doug Jacobs-Perkins
5:00 pmEnd of Tours and Exhibit
6:30 pmDinner and Social Event
Bus pickup at Hilton Garden Hotel
10:30 pmLast bus back to Hilton Garden Inn
Thursday May 10
SESSION 9 - Emerging Technologies and Other Uses/IssuesJay Larson, AU-23/DOE HQ (Session Chair)
8:30 amSafety Aspects of Laser Guide Star Operations in Astronomy
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Gustavo Rahmer, Large Binocular Telescope Observatory
9:00 amAssessment of non-coherent light sources
Abstract   Biography   Slides
David Egan, Ph.D., Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK
9:30 amRecent Incidents and Lessons Learned at DOE Labs Since 2016
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Jamie King, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
10:00 amBREAK
SESSION 10 - Looking Back/Looking AheadMatt Quinn, Fermilab (Session Chair)
10:20 amThe LSO and the Evolution of its Role over 45 Years
Abstract   Biography   Slides
David Sliney, Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, Consulting Medical Physicist
10:50 amLIA Celebrating 50 Years and Advancing into the Future through Laser Industrial Applications and Safety
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Nathaniel Quick, Laser Institute of America
11:20 amDevelopments in Laser Safety Standards
Biography   Slides
Bill Ertle, Rockwell Laser Industries
11:50 amWorkshop Wrap-upDr. Douglas Jacobs Perkins/Jamie King
12:00 pmEnd of Workshop
SESSION 11 - Additional talksWill be presented time permitting
1:00 pmWhat is the practical value of good laser safety software?
Abstract   Biography   Slides
Jim Webb, Software Engineer, Lasermet
SESSION 12 - Working Group Meetings
1:15 pmDOE EFCOG Laser Safety Task Group Meeting (Bloch Center - Board Room)
1:15 pmUniversity LSO Meeting
Barb O'Kane, Colorado School of Mines (Session Chair)
1:15 pm2018 DOE LSO Workshop University Meeting - Team Presentation Slides
Multiple - Summary reports from 4 teams
Friday May 11
SESSION 13 - ANSI Working Group MeetingsLocation: LLE Seminar room (Use LLE East Entrance)
8:30 amJoint meeting with SSC-9, Manufacturing
9:30 am TSC-4, Control Measures and Training Meeting

Vendor Exhibit

Vendors will display laser safety products at the workshop venue, Wednesday afternoon. Participants will have an opportunity to meet with vendor representatives, examine product displays and literature, and discuss product needs.

Dinner/Social Event

A buffet-style dinner will be provided at Rochester's scenic Jetty on the Port restaurant, at the mouth of the Genesee River and shore of Lake Ontario. Shuttle busses will be provided between the Hilton Garden Inn and restaurant. Each participant will receive tickets for 2 free drinks at the event. Additional drinks can be purchased with cash.

Jetty on the Port restaurant: 1000 N River St, Rochester, NY 14612
Social hour: 6:30-7:30pm (2 drink tickets included with registration fee, cash bar thereafter)
Dinner service: 7:30-9:00pm
Informal: 9:00-10:30pm

Jetty on the Port Jetty on the Port Jetty on the Port